OK, you are starting to take the first steps to changing things in your life.    Congratulations.

Maybe it is a financial change you are looking for, or maybe it is simply quality of life that drives you.

We all have Hopes and Dreams that we want to achieve, and you need to focus on yours.

Let me ask this simple question.  If you carried on like you are doing now will you achieve these Hopes and Dreams.

I know the answer…It is a BIG NO, NO, NO!!

  •          Perhaps you are not appreciated in the role or position you are at the moment.

  •         Maybe you want to secure your children’s education and send them to the best University.

  •         Or you want a lifestyle to travel when YOU want to.

  •         You want to have the Home of your dreams. In a different area or even another country.

  •         It may be simply that you want some financial security to be able to do volunteer work.

OK, so at the moment you have a great job. 

You are comfortable with the levels of Money that you get paid. 

BUT, think for one moment what you would do if that all stopped. Imagine you lost your job and you were unable to demand the level of money you were previously earning.

There may be many reasons for not being able to slot or slip straight into another job.

There may be a down-turn in the market and the whole Industry is suffering. There may be a recession affecting future recruitment. 

Yes there are many, many reasons....

WELL let me bring this to your attention.......As you get older your work value diminishes, and you are not able to command the same levels of income, there are always younger people willing to do the work for less and the employers are exploiting this situation all over the world.


That was exactly what happened to me.  I was made redundant, it came as a total shock. A company restructure !!!!.

I took it very personal, and spent many months trying to evaluate and realise that I was just a number in the Organisation. I was expendable.

Do not get me wrong, I was very good at what I did. But that does not matter in today’s society.

Having a redundancy noted on your CV is not good either....you can talk and convince until you are blue in the face but there is always that element of doubt from the potential Employer that there must have been an adverse reason for the redundancy.

What do I do now.

My quest for a role secured a very manual job, YES, I do have an income BUT it is about a third of what I used to earn.

I supplement and make money by blogging and replacing my income that way. It is proving to be far easier that what I did before...Why did I not do this years ago.

Perhaps you also want to do the same thing...or just free up some time for yourself...

NOTE, what I am doing now is creating residual income. I have discovered that this is the best sort of income to generate.

If you want to make more income, work less, and have an enjoyable retirement, you must start creating residual income streams that DO NOT require your direct involvement

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